Royalty Rates: Current Issues and Trends

For many small and start up companies, their partnering strategy will be a vital integral strand of their overall commercial strategy. This partnering strategy will often be based on finding a larger company with both development and commercial expertise who can bring their technology through to the market place. Unless the company has access to advisors with relevant deal negotiation experience and expertise [either through its Board or stakeholders], then there is a concern that the assets of the company may be out-licensed at less than their optimal value.

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Licensing Deal Valuations

The Effect of the Credit Crunch, US Healthcare Reform and the Shortage of New Innovative Products.

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Successful Licensing Negotiations

Once formal negotiations to develop a license are underway, a number of issues need to be considered to ensure a profitable relationship for both parties.

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Negotiating with the tribes

The purpose of this article is to raise a few eyebrows – and perhaps a wistful smile – while at the same time drawing some illuminating parallels between tribal and professional cultures. The word ‘tribe’ brings a number of different connotations, from childhood memories through to a more complex anthropological meaning that contains words such as language, structure, organisation, values, customs and dress. In linking the concept of tribes to professional cultures in organisations, we can enhance our ability to navigate business deals through what is essentially a complex ‘latter-day organisational jungle’.

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Negotiating Performance Clauses In Licensing Contracts

Trusting a prized technology asset to another company will always require a number of guarantees, particularly if the licence granted is going to be an exclusive one. Of course actually agreeing the performance measure is only the first step – there are then the penalties or possibly incentives for adhering to the agreed performance measures.

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Negotiating with the British: From across the waters

Discussing culture is always a bit tricky because there is no sitting on the fence; either one belongs to one culture or to another. As Lawrence once put it, no one can choose to adopt a culture other than his own; all that he can do is lose his native culture, without quite gaining the new one.

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My Colleague and I—Last minute planning for today’s negotiation

We are going to negotiate, probably at short notice and without an opportunity to plan or rehearse except for the half hour taxi ride from the airport. In this short note I want to set out some ideas and pointers towards good practice that will enhance your chances of surviving to conclude a robust agreement that can be implemented.

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How Organisations Negotiate

We often find ourselves negotiating with both people and their organisations. Like it or not, organisations and their culture are part of our negotiation landscape. It appears that the modern organisation has taken on many of the characteristics of George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ – omnipresent and demanding obedience! Business development negotiators have to manage a love-hate relationship between the other negotiator and the respective organisations. This article analyses the impact of organisations and their culture on our negotiating behaviour.

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Communicating During Cross Cultural Negotiations

Executives actively engaged in international, cross-border business transactions frequently express considerable concern about the levels of communication that exist within the negotiating process – particularly the global reliance on ‘business English’. This article analyses the problems inherent in such linguistic muddling and provides some recommendations.

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