John Ansell

A Biochemistry graduate with a Masters degree in Business Studies, John Ansell started his 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in Holland with Organon. He subsequently worked for Schering AG and Fisons in the UK, and again in Holland, with Solvay. Lastly, from 1985 to 1989 he worked in international marketing for Glaxo Holdings.

John Ansell is the author of 50 articles and reports on pharmaceutical issues. His latest article is Product pipeline trends being new optimism (Business Development & Licensing Journal, Issue 16, Sept 2011, pp 24-27).

He is also author of Falconbury’s Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry distance learning course (2008-) and was founding Director in 2005 of Falconbury/Informa’s Pharma Executive Mini-MBA course. He has also acted as chairman at well over 30 pharmaceutical conferences. John Ansell is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He has presented on US and European biotech deals, on deals involving genomics, generics and OTC, as well as widely on mergers and alliances. In November 2011 he presented at Genesis in London on Licensing: The Future. In April 2012 he presented on combination products at SMi’s conference on Portfolio & Product Lifecycle Management in London.