Christi Mitchell

Christi has worked with Medius from 1998 on a wide range of healthcare related projects.

Christi is the founder and Intellectual Assets (IA) Director of the IA management and commercialisation companies, Highbury Ltd in England, ManageMy IP Ltd and Highbury Pacific Ltd New Zealand, former President for LES Great Britain and Ireland, LES GB & Ireland Healthcare Co-Chairman and past Chair of LES International Life Sciences also VP LESI Education committee, and a trained trainer and trained mentor for LESI. Christi is also on the board of the Social Enterprise “Knowing & Growing”. Christi has extensive International licensing and commercialisation experience with academia, NHS, companies ranging from start-up to International and individual inventors. Christi has a wealth of experience in the licensing, IP valuation, IP and Technology Transfer (TT) education and business development process within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer, environmental, IT and biotech sectors.

Christi has for many years worked with the acquisition of intellectual Property Rights and in the out- licensing of products and technologies, as well as the valuation of companies, products and inventions. She provides IP advice and financial guidance to SME’s.

Christi is an Advisor to the European Commission FP 7 Group that was known as EU CERT TTT M and is now known as EUKTS. This is a group responsible for researching the need to provide standardised TT training and Certification. This is now in the process of being implemented as a Masters across Europe. Christi teaches on various IP and TT University and LES courses across Europe and the US.

Christi has worked with a wide variety of healthcare companies in different roles; Her experience has been gained working with biotech companies in the US; with BTG plc, where she was involved in start-up financing, IP valuation, acquisition and out-licensing; with Medius where she has carried out extensive pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare client projects based on IP valuation and portfolio management, benchmarking, out-licensing and strategic business development.

Christi’s IP and technology transfer experience extends across the US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Her academic background includes Human Genetics, Molecular Biology and Business Management.