Partnering Toolbox

Pre Partnering Audit

Having excellent science and a strong IP position alone will rarely guarantee partnering success. A competitive advantage and a good return on investment have to be clearly evident to deliver a partnering deal.

The Medius Pre Partnering Audit comprises a package of elements from the Partnering Toolbox:

  • Scientific review
  • IP audit
  • Market assessment / valuation
  • Partnering Strategy including pre due diligence and communications

It is vital that companies undertake a basic reality check ahead of initiating dialogue with potential partners to ensure delivery of the optimal value through the partnering deal.

This internal audit process follows a step by step preparation which will maximise the chances of your technology passing through the initial assessment hurdles when partnering into major companies. In addition we provide a non confidential summary, profile specifically designed for use in partnering, as an integral part of the full report.