Partnering Toolbox


Medius has extensive experience of undertaking valuations of companies, businesses, products and technologies for acquisition, divestment, licensing and option purposes.

The valuation methodology needs to be tailored to the asset type, the buyer’s or seller’s objectives, the deal rationale and the information available, The strategic importance of the asset, the risk profile and the scope of the deal should also be reflected in the valuation.

Medius can assist in any part of the process from:

  • building cash-flow forecasts of the assets from which net present values (NPVs) can be determined (including probability adjusted discounted cash flows)
  • carving-out normalised P&L statements for divestitures
  • running sensitivity analysis to demonstrate the key value drivers
  • providing guidance on determining the share of the reward and risk between parties and the deal structure
  • undertaking benchmark assessments of comparable deals, in terms of structure and size.