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Early Stage Deals

The Early Stage DealsĀ training course brings together all the key elements and considerations of corporate and business development activities focused on executing deals for early stage opportunities, including preclinical to early clinical stage assets and technology platforms. Whilst there are common principles in executing transactions across all types of assets, early stage opportunities present some specific challenges.

The course is designed for people who are new to business development focusing on early stage assets, for those people who would like a refresher course, or for colleagues who work alongside the business development team. It is also ideal for people commercialising University-derived assets and technology via industrial partnerships and who want an industry perspective.

The programme opens with a review of the strategic considerations around commercialising an early stage asset, including:

  • Understanding the positioning
  • Valuation and benchmarking of the opportunity
  • Developing the corporate and business development strategy to meet specific objectives
  • Finding partners
  • Due diligence

Using practical examples and interactive case studies interspersed throughout, the programme then focuses on important deal and negotiation considerations, including:

  • Deal structuring
  • IP considerations, e.g. arising IP, improvements, on-going IP implications
  • Key agreement provisions including performance obligations, governance using joint committees, etc
  • Building flexibility into the deal to identify early risk and potential reward; helping you to manage risk, e.g. options
  • Impact on operations
  • Managing and maintaining the deal, e.g. what to look out for once the deal is signed and an assessment of why deals fail