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Negotiation is a two day intensive course including pre-course interview, personal feedback and de-briefing.  The programme covers key issues such as behaviour, style and culture and the management of the negotiating process.  This course is run by Sharon Finch.

The course programmes commences with a review of negotiating styles and behaviors.  Participants will learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different types of behavior, when these are employed and how to work with them.

The second unit of the course focuses on effective planning and logistics.  This works through the preparation and choice of media.  Time is spent on developing effective teamwork.

The third unit identifies effective communication styles and how organisations negotiate with comparisons on cultural issues.  Time is spent developing communication skills.

The final unit focuses on managing the negotiating process, through the key phases :

  • Phase 1 :  Starting the Negotiations
  • Building the relationship, visioning, opening positions, building consensus and creating options for mutual gain.
  • Phase 2 : Making Progress
  • Trading information, using summaries & adjournments, concession management.
  • Phase 3 : Closing the Negotiations
  • Knowing when to close, drift or decision, final offer gambits, closing tactics, getting commitment.


Case studies, both snapshot and interactive are used extensively throughout the course.