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PLG UK Training Programmes


Introduction to Healthcare Business Development

Course Date:  16-18 March 2020

Designed to provide an introduction for new entrants, those who work either directly for, or in close liaison with Business Development.  This three day residential course uses a combination of detailed lectures covering the essential elements of the Partnering Process, combined with an interactive case study that enables students to transfer their learning as well as develop analytical and negotiation skills.



Course Date: December 2020

The PLG Masterclass is designed to provide more detail and build on the basic principles covered in the Introductory Training Course.  The course is an intense two day programme which includes practical tools and in-depth analysis skills for Pharmaceutical Business Development & Licensing Executives.  The course is more interactive and based around in depth analysis of various case studies.


Business Development FIT (Fast Intensive Training) Programme

Introducing the new FIT (Fast Intense Training) programme which delivers continuous professional development by distance learning direct to your desk complementing the face to face training courses. The FIT programme operates at different learning levels covering all needs from new entrants through to topical knowledge top ups.

The FIT learning programme starts at level 1, which addresses the essentials for business development. Level 1 learning is a series of short webinars in all of the BD core competencies.

Level 2 provides intermediate learning, seminars and webinars delivering a more in depth dive into specific subjects such as due diligence.

Level 3 is the expert level with distance learning modules equivalent to the Units of the MSc course previously run with Manchester University.

Supporting documentation for all courses will be available via the web site.

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